Wish list of 39 cycle and footpath upgrades revealed

London Road, Thetford. Picture: IAN BURT

London Road, Thetford. Picture: IAN BURT - Credit: IAN BURT

A wish list of 39 cycle and footpath upgrades needed to improve access in and around Thetford has been unveiled.

The London Road junction in Thetford. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY

The London Road junction in Thetford. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY - Credit: Archant

The community sub-group of the Greater Thetford Development Partnership put together the list after asking members of the public what improvements they think are needed to make it easier to cycle and walk around the town.

Its report, published ahead of a meeting on Wednesday (May 14), said: 'Thetford already has a reasonable signed network of local cycle routes' - but that: 'There are a number of missing links and a distinct lack of routes along the major roads, which are also key lines for travel, particularly for commuting.'

In particular there are a lack of cycle facilities along London Road, between the town centre and the A11 roundabout, as well as towards Thetford railway station.

Its priority major projects include a new cycle route between Thetford and High Lodge, as well as a continuous path along Croxton Road from Mundford Road to past the A11 junction.

One resident said during the consultation: 'Very large numbers of Thetford Academy pupils use the Croxton Road as their access to the academy and as these children are drawn from across the entire town many would benefit by being able to cycle to school.'

But there are also a host smaller proposed upgrades, which include adding in new crossing points and reviewing road markings.

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Report author and Greater Thetford Development Partnership chairman Robert Whittaker said: 'The main benefit of this is to pull together all the things, big or small, that could be done to make life better for cyclists.

'Getting them on people's radars is a good way to increase the chances of them actually being done.

'There are places where there aren't routes and there are gaps. There are also maintenance issues on some of the roads and it is a shame they aren't being looked after.

'The general health benefits of getting people to be more active saves the NHS significant sums of money in the long run.

'It can also be quicker getting about if you're in congested town centres.

'With all the new houses coming to Thetford as well and no significant upgrade to road structures, suddenly with a dump of extra cars it's only going to get worse.'

What road and cycle improvements do you think are needed in Thetford? Write, giving your full contact details, to andrew.papworth@archant.co.uk

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