Chutney features in every dish on this pop-up’s menu - even dessert!

Candi Robertson is hosting pop-up suppers with every course featuring one of her chutneys. Picture:

Candi Robertson is hosting pop-up suppers with every course featuring one of her chutneys. Picture: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Proudly Norfolk producer Candi Robertson is hosting pop-up dinners and lunches with a real difference.

Chef turned chutney-maker extraordinaire Candi Robertson is putting down her giant preserving spoons and delving into her recipe books to host a series of intimate pop-up lunches and dinners.

From The Chutney Barn near Norwich, the food lover says as of this month she's inviting groups of four to six for informal, fun and tasty sessions, where guests can even chip in and help her rustle up the eight course menus.

For Candi, who gave up cheffing several years ago due to a shoulder injury, having the chance to cook for the public again, and see their reactions to her food, is something she's relishing.

'I never thought I'd do this again,' she beams. 'But I missed being a 'cheffy chef' so I thought about how I could mix that passion with chutney. In these meals each course will showcase a different jar. I'm telling everyone it's going to be weird and definitely unique – but don't expect Michelin star-style food! I say to people, imagine it's like they're coming to my house for supper. There's no pretence. I'm keeping it real.'

The Proudly Norfolk member, who has multiple awards under her belt, wants to show, through the dining events, how 'chutney is more than serving it with a slab of meat or a piece of cheese. There's so much more you can do, and I'm putting my money where my mouth is and showing what you can do. I'm a great believer in that.'

The menu is £45 per person (bring your own booze) and uses Candi's core range, with the options staying the same for much of the year, bringing in inspiration from her seasonal chutneys throughout the months. Diners can book lunch or dinner sessions depending on Candi's availability. 'You can pretty much book for any time,' she says. 'It's almost like a private supper club. And I'm keeping it as local as I can. Obviously using Crush oil, local meats and other producers like Norton's for their cream cheese.'

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True to her word to include chutney in every course, even dessert is infused with the ingredient. 'Everyone says 'urgh', then they try it and say 'ooh', Candi laughs.

The current menu is as follows:

Cauliflower and Binham Blue soup with apple and ale toasts

Salmon, beetroot and juniper terrine

Non Mango Mango chutney baked feta and lentils

Spiced Carrot chutney glazed gammon with pearl barley and kale risotto

Norfolk Knobbly savoury cheese bread pudding with spicy beans

Sticky chicken stir fry with crispy noodles

Sausage faggots with crushed potatoes and mixed greens

Parsnip and Chilli chutney semifreddo with Parmesan wafers

You can book via Candi's website.