‘The things he does for me, you wouldn’t believe. I have the best husband in the world’ - Costessey couple celebrate 70 years of marriage

Mervyn and Muriel Aldrich who have been married for 70 years. Photo: SIMON FINLAY.

Mervyn and Muriel Aldrich who have been married for 70 years. Photo: SIMON FINLAY. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

A long and happy marriage is something everyone hopes and dreams for as they walk up the aisle.

Mervyn and Muriel Aldrich on their wedding day 70 years ago. Photo: SUBMITTED

Mervyn and Muriel Aldrich on their wedding day 70 years ago. Photo: SUBMITTED - Credit: Archant Norfolk

And this Norfolk couple have made that wedding day dream a reality as today they have reached their 70th anniversary.

Mervyn and Muriel Aldrich, of West End in Old Costessey, were married just months before the war ended in 1945.

They first met in 1942 when they both served in the RAF in Bristol. He as an engineer and she was in the WAAF.

Mrs Aldrich, 92, said: 'I was sitting with another WAAF and he walked in with another fellow and said he had just been posted to our station. It must have just clicked then.'

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They celebrated their happy day at Redhill Church, near Bristol, and spent their honeymoon at the Isle of Wight with some of Mrs Aldrich's relations.

Mr Aldrich, who was one of 10 siblings, said his commanding officer asked them if they would like to get married at the camp, but when they discovered nowhere on the site was consecrated for marriage, they had their reception at the WAAF recreation room instead.

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He said the day was sunny and he didn't recall feeling cold, despite it being January.

He said: 'I don't think you feel the cold so much when you are young.'

The couple, who have two sons Paul and David, said they always did everything together including dancing, swimming, going on walks and enjoying holiday to places like Spain and Italy.

Mrs Aldrich said: 'The things he does for me, you wouldn't believe. I have the best husband in the world.

'We have always got on well together and I wouldn't change him for the world.

'We love each other and I couldn't live without him. I am happy with who I found.'

Mr Aldrich added: 'I think we got so we could rely on each other. We help each other.'

Mrs Aldrich said that times were different when she got married during the war. They lived with one of Mr Aldrich's brothers when they first moved to Norfolk before moving into a house in Aslacton.

Mr Aldrich, 90, worked at the May & Baker chemical factory on Sweet Briar Road until his retirement.

Their son David, who himself has been married for 47 years, said: 'It's an achievement to get that far.

'They are still really in love. They have been happy all through their lives and they have been great parents.'

Despite spending most of their lives together, Mr Aldrich said: 'It's gone so quickly. I can honestly say I don't remember us having a single argument.'

The happy couple, who have three great grandchildren, will be celebrating their anniversary weekend with their family by having a meal at a local pub.

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