The Stars of Norfolk and Waveney: Celebrating ordinary people who expect nothing in return

EDP Stars of Norfolk and Waveney Awards 2015 at St Andrews Hall, Norwich.

EDP Stars of Norfolk and Waveney Awards 2015 at St Andrews Hall, Norwich. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

Going to work everyday is something that millions of people in the region do everyday.

So being able to give a massive thank you is something we pride at Stars of Norfolk and Waveney.

We were able to celebrate the hard work of Janice Parslow-Williams after she retired from Manorcourt Homecare after more than 25 years of service.

On top of the care work she did, she looked after her four sons and 10 grandchildren.

Mrs Parslow-Williams said: 'It was a surprise because it was like every job you just do it.

'You don't expect any thanks so when I was invited on the night it was such a surprise, never in my dreams I thought I would win it.'

Along with the Carer Of The Year Award Mrs Parslow-Williams was given tickets to a show in London with spending money to use on the trip.

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'I didn't expected to receive anything,' she added. 'When I first walked into the hall I thought it was absolutely wonderful. The recognition of so many people I was shocked at the size of the awards.

'To see all the heros and the awards they were getting, it was brilliant.'

The night celebrates people from all walks of life. Bringing them together in one room for a night of celebration.

'I have never seen anything like it been done before. It was an eye opener and so nice for people to say thank you.' Mrs Parslow-Williams added.

'You don't realise that people do care when you go to work everyday and when someone says thank you it does make you stand back, it's lovely. Seeing some of the rewards it was out-standing.

'When compared to my award it seems like nothing to what some of the others had done.'

It is easy to nominate. Go to and choose from 13 categories.

'Go ahead and nominate as it is nice to say thank you, even if they don't win anything it is nice to know that people care.' Mrs Parslow-Williams said.

It was magnificent and I didn't expect anything like it when I walked in the room.

'The night was really good, we had the most wonderful time.'