The results of Waveney’s county council elections

Who will hold power at Suffolk County Council's headquartes at Endeavour House?

Who will hold power at Suffolk County Council's headquartes at Endeavour House? - Credit: Archant

The elections mean there are no Conservative councillors representing Lowestoft's four divisions after UKIP held one seat and took two others and the Labour Party gained the other five.

But the Tories held their seats in the Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth and Kessingland and Southwold divisions.

The full results are:

Beccles (two seats): Mark Bee* (C HOLD), 1,822; Chris Punt* (C HOLD), 1,449; Graham Elliott (G), 1.322; Barry Buckley (Lab) 973; Sue Bergin (G), 918; Stuart Foulger Lab), 868; Harry Ashbee, UKIP, 856; Alison Briggs, (LD), 135; Doug Farmer, LD), 111.

Bungay: David Ritchie* (C HOLD), 1,150; Simon Thompson (G), 756; Declan Keiley (Lab), 440; Dave O'Neill (LD), 197.

Gunton (two seats): Keith Patience (Lab GAIN), 1,579: Janet Craig (Lab GAIN), 1,570; Mary Rudd* (C) 1,055; Paul Newbery UKIP, 1,049; Penny Hackett (UKIP), 1,033; Deanna Law (C) 970; Emma Bateman (G), 279; Peter Eyres (G) 246; Steven Taylor (LD) 163.

Halesworth: Tony Goldson* (C HOLD), 1,350; Toby Walton (Lab), 700; Jen Berry (G), 374; Janet Blowers O'Neill (LD) 116.

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Kessingland and Southwold: Michael Ladd (C HOLD), 1,027; Jack Tyler (UKIP), 859; Alan Green (Lab), 592; Emma Waller (G), 179; John Marsden (LD) 74.

Lowestoft South (two seats): Derek Hackett, (UKIP GAIN) 1,410; Bill Mountford* (UKIP HOLD), 1,046; Ian Graham (Lab) 1,338; Nick Webb (Lab) 1,326; Trish Mortimer (C), 798; May Reader (C) 710; Tom Hammond (G), 211; Brian Howe (LD) 210; Sandra Tonge (LD) 178; Steven Nichols (G) 170.

Oulton (two seats): Bert Poole (UKIP GAIN), 1,650; Leonard Jacklin (Lab GAIN), 1,540; Mike Barnard* (C) 1,475; Susan Collins (Lab), 1,428; Colin Law* (C) 1,379: Maxine Narburgh (G), 378; John Nixon (G) 228; Michelle Lavill (LD) 220.

Pakefield (two seats) Sonia Barker (LAB GAIN), 1,214; Peter Byatt (Lab GAIN), 1,194; Jamie Brown (UKIP), 1,095; Darius McCormack (UKIP), 1,018; Kathy Gosling* (C), 1,012; Frank Mortimer (C) 992; George Langley (G) 165; Douglas Hoffman (G) 138; Adam Robertson (LD) 121.

There was also a by-election result for Waveney District Councils harbour ward, which was won by Janet Criag of Labour.

The results were: Janet Criag (Lab), 647; Bert Poole (UKIP) 358; Anthony Taylor (C) 217; George Langley (G) 85, Chris Thomas (LD) 36


(C) Conservative Party; (LD) Liberal Democrat Party; (Lab) Labour Party; (G) Green Party; (Ind) Independent; (UKIP) UK Independence Party; (*) sitting candidate