The man whose voice has been heard on television screens around the world

Colin McLean has narrated almost 700 productions from his home studio in Dereham.

Colin McLean has narrated almost 700 productions from his home studio in Dereham. - Credit: Archant

Working from his small home studio in mid Norfolk, Colin McLean's authoritative and refined voice can be heard on television screens around the world.

Mr McLean, 62, from Dereham has worked as a voice over artist for the past five years and his lent his voice to almost 700 productions, including adverts and documentaries which have featured in Asia, the Middle East and America.

Now he is preparing for his most ambitious project yet.

Mr McLean will narrate a feature-length documentary about a plane that dropped the first paratroopers on D-Day.

The documentary, called That's All Brother, will chronicle the discovery and restoration of the D-day C-47 Dakota aircraft.

Mr McLean called the film an extension of his voice over work on the successful television show Plane Resurrection, which has been on Sky TV and Netflix.

It is being produced by the same Norfolk-based television production company behind Plane Resurrection, Nik Coleman Television.

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The C-47 Dakota aircraft sat in a junk yard for decades waiting to be scrapped for parts but was discovered by chance by a military historian who recognised it and managed to rescue it just in time.

Mr McLean said: 'They discovered the aircraft as a wreck on this airfield in the States and because it tied in so closely with what Plane Resurrection is all about, finding and doing up partly damaged or virtually wrecked airplanes, they commissioned the film.'

The commission was won against some of the world's top documentary makers, including some based in Hollywood.

While it is not due for release until 2019, Mr McLean is already playing a key part in the production by narrating a short trailer at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

He said: 'The film is going to initially be for the people who commissioned it, the US Commemorative Air Force, but I hope we can sell it into the same documentary area as Plane Resurrection. Netflix I hope would be interested but it's too early to say and it's a natural for the History Channel.'

A second series of the show has been given the go-ahead.

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