‘The lips don’t lie’ - Yarmouth psychic claims she can tell the future from lipstick prints

Psychic Alison Alden with some of the lip prints that she has read. She has challenged herself to do

Psychic Alison Alden with some of the lip prints that she has read. She has challenged herself to do 100 readings to hone her skills. - Credit: Archant

A Great Yarmouth psychic is using lipstick prints to provide fun readings for clients looking for month-by-month snippets of insight.

Some of the lip prints that are providing month-by-month readiings for people.

Some of the lip prints that are providing month-by-month readiings for people. - Credit: Archant

Alison Alden says the technique is new and is looking for willing subjects to submit their smackers while she hones her craft.

The 57-year-old, of St Peter's Road, has already provided around 20 readings using the prints and has been encouraged by the results.

Now she wants to test it further and is asking people to send her three prints - a pout, a smile, and a resting image - for her to examine.

The process involves dividing the colourful impressions into sections that correspond to months of the year and poring over them with a magnifying glass for numbers and symbols amid the lines and cracks.

'I look at the shape of the lips in their different positions and they tell me a bit about the person. When applied to the paper lip-prints make various images in the cracks and the gaps.

'Your finger print is unique but never changes but your lip-print is always changing and all the time it updates your reading.'

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Mrs Alden, a busy grandmother of five, has been fortune telling for more than 40 years using various methods including cards, tea-leaves, and coloured buttons - but says lip readings offer a lighter introduction without the risk of receiving 'unsettling' news.

'I was doing some tea leaf readings, she said. 'And I thought some people read palms - and I have never had any interest in that - and some people read heads but I am not really a tactile person.

'I did my own lip-prints and pretended I was a stranger and followed it for a couple of months. It turned out pretty good. Now I need to do a good amount and have some feedback and testimonials before I decide what to do. So I have set myself a task and will do 100 lip readings to understand what works and what doesn't and to understand the symbols better. Plus it is a nice thing to do.'

She admits some people are 'freaked out' by fortune telling. 'There are always people that are going to be sceptical and there are always people who say it is not for them and that is fair enough,' she said.

People mostly come to her looking for guidance on issues like relationships, moving house, money, and career. She has a band of regulars and also does phone readings for Australians.

Men are also welcome to submit their prints.

Mrs Alden is charging £1 as a token exchange for the first 100 lip readings.

People can submit their prints by post and she will provide a reading by text.

To find out more contact her on 07717 719499.

Reporter Liz Coates submits her lip prints

Alison seemed quite buoyed by my lip prints and needed about an hour to analyse them.

Apparently they were particularly interesting.

Having seen two albatrosses (obviously very significant) hidden on my lips she predicted 'something lucky to do with the sea' in October.

Her close study also detected an image of the Statue of Liberty on my lip for December pointing to an America link and 'a new opportunity.'

A walking stick and eye told me I will be asked to keep a secret in February that is 'distasteful.'

On the plus side 'something small and precious' is coming to me in July and 'great happiness and prosperity' are forecast for November.

Overall, however, 'there is sadness or disappointment hidden' which could hint at two recent bereavements.

Cryptically 'something domestic needs addressing' in September (as it does most days) and there is a danger I will not reach a deadline in November.

As she said - most of the revelations are things I have already told myself. As to the accuracy, only time will tell.

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