Meeting held to discuss positive future of Norwich’s music scene

From left to right, Emma O’Reilly, Danielle Booden, Kevin Maddams, and Abigail Blake. Photo: Geraldi

From left to right, Emma O’Reilly, Danielle Booden, Kevin Maddams, and Abigail Blake. Photo: Geraldine Scott - Credit: Geraldine Scott

Norwich's vibrant music community came together on Tuesday night to discuss how to rejuvenate the scene for the future.

The Future of Norwich Music Forum met at Epic Studios, on Magdalen Street, and welcomed music fans, organisers, cataloguers and performers who wanted to see positive change in the thriving live music community in the city.

Dozens turned out for the event which included panel discussions around publicity and accessibility, with questions from members of the public.

The forum was launched quickly after there was outcry over threats popular venues including The Brickmakers, Garden House, and the York Tavern.

The group quickly attracted more than 700 members in just two weeks - 400 of which signed up in the first 24 hours - and hopes to provide hope for the future of the music scene.

Danielle Booden, who heads up music coverage for this newspaper, sat on yesterday's panel on publicity and offered tips on the best way for performers to get in contact about their gigs.

She was joined by Kevin Maddams, from Outline magazine, and Abigail Blake (known as Hydra Lerna), a singer/songwriter and harpist, but also an electronic pop music producer.

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Mr Maddams said: 'We're trying to address the issue of event publicity, we like to think we're a little like a rash, we're wherever you go.'

While Miss Booden said there were dedicated people such as herself who performers could get in touch with to see if previews or listings could be published.

Chairing the panel, songwriter Emma O'Reilly said: 'Often as artists we feel we don't connect with each other, because we're all about the music we sometimes don't talk as much to each other.'

Miss Blake agreed and added: 'I focus a lot of my attention on social media but it's not an accurate representation on how many tickets have been sold.'

The forum has also set up a Facebook group, where those interested can swap tips and discuss ideas.

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