The Day I Didn’t Meet Robert Downey Jr...

Actor Robert Downey Jr.

Actor Robert Downey Jr. - Credit: AP

Following Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr's appearance in Norwich during filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron at the UEA, reader Jane Smith penned a poem.

His picture's in my classroom

His films are on my shelf

But I know that I will never meet

RDJ himself

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I may think about him often

Most Read

And joke that he's my man

But I know that sleepy Norfolk

Is no place for Iron Man

I dream of skipping duties

And hopping on a train

Of sneaking around Shepperton

But I know that it's insane

So when I awoke last Friday

Mid June, a sunny day

And got that text, that little text

Downey Jr.'s on his way!!

For just a sec my heart stopped dead

Surely they're pretending?

Frantically I Google and...

In Norwich he's Avenging!

What to do?

What to say?

Hold on Rob

I'm on my way! But first ...

I'll just change this dirty nappy

And empty the kitchen bin

I'll quickly do the school run

But of course, I'll fit THIS in

I'll play along at playgroup

At Toddler Talk I'll sing

I'll make the lunch for everyone

I'll do, 'Just one more thing'

I hear the clock tick ticking

I feel time is running out

But this is a once in a lifetime chance

There's no way I'm missing out

Lights, camera, action

News from the set is vague

But Stark's cars are a certain

And the big Avengers' 'A'

I can't believe the evening's here

The day draws to a close

How can I still be in my house

When he's just down the road?

Finally, I'm in my car

My tummy feels peculiar

I calmly practice nonchalance,

'Hi, Robert Downey Jr.'

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The biggest film there's ever been

Here's little me, I'm at the set

Living out my dream

The A is gone, now just a wall

The rest is packed away

But further down there's still a crowd

Of fans who won't be swayed

I join them, listening closely

To rumours of Captain A

But he and the Black Widow

Have already gone away

The guard relaxes and we're allowed

To peer across the park

To the extras in their blue tops

And with them, Tony Stark!

At least, it might be him

It's too far away to see

But this moment, all too brief

Will have to do for me

If only, oh if only

I had travelled up the road

To where a helicopter waited

For a very precious load

Instead it was the paper

That told me the next day

Of a young boy in pyjamas

Who watched Robert fly away

I can't believe I was so close

To realising my dream

But luck just wasn't on my side

On Friday, June thirteenth.

Jane Smith

Lodge Lane, Norwich

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