Will presidential car 'The Beast' be spotted on A11 during Biden visit?

The U.S. President Donald Trump's Cadillac limousine, also known as "The Beast" arrives with U.S. Pr

'The Beast' outside Buckingham Palace in 2019. Will it be spotted on UK roads again? - Credit: Dan Kitwood/PA Archive/PA Images

President Joe Biden and his wife Jill are set to fly into Suffolk this evening – and they might be joined by a popular sight last seen on British roads two years ago.

The US commander-in-chief will be aboard Air Force One when it touches down at RAF Mildenhall at around 8pm on Wednesday.

The Bidens will meet US personnel stationed at the Suffolk base, before travelling to Cornwall on Thursday for the G7 summit.

While he is expected to fly to the south west, its possible motorists could be treated to the sight of 'The Beast' – the president's bulletproof limousine – on the A11.

Joe Biden at the government Buildings, Dublin, Ireland during a 2015 tour

US President Joe Biden is flying into Suffolk before heading to Cornwall for the G7 summit. - Credit: PA

Presidents tend to travel long distance journeys on Air Force One and shorter flights on a Sea King helicopter known as Marine One, but 'The Beast' is the preferred vehicle of choice for any road travelling.

The host of offensive and defensive upgrades on the specially-made car provide the US leader with bolstered security either when on home soil or abroad.

The £1.1m Cadillac was spotted in the UK in 2019 when Donald Trump visited for a three-day visit.

And that was a few months after Air Force One made a flying stop at RAF Mildenhall while carrying Mr Trump, to refuel for another flight to Vietnam.

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'The Beast' is regularly spotted when the US president visits the UK.

In 2009, Barack Obama and wife Michelle took a ride in the four-tonne car after poor weather forced a last-minute change of plan.

Instead of flying from the Regent's Park home of the US ambassador to Stansted Airport, The Obamas rode in the limo as part of a 10-vehicle convoy through north London and up the M11.