The alarm in Lowestoft town centre has finally stopped ringing

The alarm in the old Poundstretchers shop in Lowestoft has finally been switched off. Picture: Conor

The alarm in the old Poundstretchers shop in Lowestoft has finally been switched off. Picture: Conor Matchett - Credit: Archant

An alarm which had been ringing for five days has finally been switched off after locksmiths used an angle grinder to get in.

The former Poundstretcher shop on London Road North has been empty for more than two years, but after the landlord put the shop back on the market, the estate agent was able to gain access to the building and switch the alarm off.

The incessant ringing stopped at around 8.55am this morning, after being triggered on Friday afternoon, reportedly by a man being on the roof.

It was also confirmed the alarm triggered was the building's fire alarm and that the building is owned by a property developer.

Danny Steel, of Steel & Co who are managing the building for the landlord, said he was unable to get access until he was instructed to put the property back on the market.

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Mr Steel said: 'There is a dilapidation discussion going on at the moment and the owner did not want to lease the property out until that dilapidation agreement would be made as by doing so he could have had problems getting the dilapidation sorted out.

'They had to cut through the chain and the top and bottom of the door with an angle grinder. I am going to take over the security of the place anyway until I let it out to somebody.'

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He added: 'It is now on the market for lease, and we will try and find a new tenant.

'Lowestoft has less empty properties than most of the towns in the UK. Property generally speaking, especially the smaller ones don't hand around for that long.'

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