That’s just freaky – internet reacts to UFO sightings over Norfolk

Mystery remains over the strange lights over Norfolk. Picture: YouTube

Mystery remains over the strange lights over Norfolk. Picture: YouTube - Credit: YouTube

A family returning from a fishing expedition were stopped in their tracks after spotting not one but two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over farmland in Norfolk.

They were driving near the Fens when they noticed two fast-moving lights in the sky and pulled over to capture them on camera.

They claimed the UFOs could not have been Chinese lanterns because of the speed they were travelling and how quickly they changed direction.

And they dismissed the likelihood of them being planes or helicopters due to how close they appeared, their lack of flashing lights and, eerily, because they emitted no sound.

Now, almost six years on, the rare sighting, posted in August 2011, remains a mystery. But that hasn't stopped the internet speculating. And one self-proclaimed UFO expert revealed where one is spotted more are likely to follow.

Describing the footage, the film's maker - using the handle oLeGeNdZzv - said: 'If that starts going to the left again that's just freaky.'

The footage of the UFOs, which is three minutes long, has now attracted more than 20,000 views on video-sharing website YouTube.

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Local resident Bob Gray said: 'I live in Norfolk, seen this a few times now, what I saw was not a plane or chopper - way too fast.'

A motorcyclist, going by the name of Shane72634, said: 'I knew I wasn't the only one that saw this. I was driving back home from Great Fransham, near Swaffham, down some tight country lanes and saw this! I stopped and got off my motorbike and watched the whole thing.

'I have seen many off these since between Thetford and Watton over many years. Triangles, oblongs and silent crafts. I woke my dad up one night when I was 14 and we witnessed a similar object but with a massive still red light in a field in East Harling - it terrified us!'

One viewer, Matthew Cruisey Tunks, suggested the lights could be skydivers using flares.

But Legions of Light UFOs replied: 'Those were actual UFO crafts and they decided to get out of there as soon as they knew you were watching them! The thing that jumped off of it was a probe that was released, you might want to go back and spend some time trying to recapture more of these paranormal activities as this could be a very important area of activity that usually isn't seen or noticed by the public. Where there's some, there's more and I'm an expert in this field.'

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