‘That is the highest Ipswich will be in any league’: Norwich fans react as City Hall tower wrapped in blue and white

Norwich clock tower from Gentleman's Walk. Picture: Louisa Baldwin

Norwich clock tower from Gentleman's Walk. Picture: Louisa Baldwin - Credit: Archant

The rivalry between Norwich City and Ipswich Town has reached new heights as blue and white sheeting appeared around the iconic City Hall clock tower in the centre of Norwich.

Norwich clock tower from Farmers Avenue. Picture: Louisa Baldwin

Norwich clock tower from Farmers Avenue. Picture: Louisa Baldwin - Credit: Archant

Norwich's clock tower is currently undergoing £200,000 repairs which will last for 14 weeks, but controversial colour choices for the panels surrounding the scaffolding brought to the surface a much longer-lasting feud.

Norwich promoter David R Gray tweeted on Tuesday afternoon: 'hats off to the Ipswich-based scaffolding company that have wrapped the clock tower of Norwich City Hall in blue and white #itfc #ncfc'


MORE: Norwich City Hall's clock tower bares uncanny resemblance to Bender from Futurama as it undergoes repairThe post was retweeted over 400 times, with many Norwich fans angry that their rival team's colours could be seen across the Norwich skyline.

Canaries Caption It tweeted: 'it's the highest those colours have been for 17 years.'

Elwyn Davies.

Elwyn Davies. - Credit: Archant

MORE: Timelapse shows giant scaffolding being erected on Norwich City HallBut Narfold Scaffolding in Swaffham, which is working on the City Hall project alongside Norwich City Council and Historic England, has confirmed blue and white are its company colours and nothing to do with the Tractor Boys.

We spoke to people around the city to find out what they thought about the scaffolding.

Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson - Credit: Archant

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Elwyn Davies said: 'I don't suppose walking down here that many people look up there do they? But as an Ipswich fan I'm happy to see them at the top.'

Jason Wilson said: 'I'm just so glad I face the walk from my stall on CJ's Fruit and Veg because I cannot turn round as I'm allergic to blue and white.'

Jonathon Childs

Jonathon Childs - Credit: Archant

MORE: Norwich City Council's historic clock cocooned in scaffolding for £200,000 repairsJonathon Childs said: 'That's the highest Ipswich will be in any league. They are normally at the base of somewhere supporting the other sides.

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'They don't really have much success when they come to Norwich do they so it's a bit of a joke.'

Darren Howse

Darren Howse - Credit: Archant

Darren Howse said: 'I think that's the highest the blue and white colours are going to be for the next few years, especially after Norwich's great win at the weekend.'

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