Terminally ill Norfolk woman campaigns on NHS by standing against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in General Election

Susanne Cameron-Blackie, who has terminal cancer, is standing against Jeremy Corbyn in the general e

Susanne Cameron-Blackie, who has terminal cancer, is standing against Jeremy Corbyn in the general election. Picture : ANTONY KELLY - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

A bedridden and terminally ill Norfolk woman is standing against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the General Election to protect NHS finances.

Susanne Cameron-Blackie, 68, from Riverside in Reedham, is running as an independent candidate for the Islington North constituency in London.

Mrs Cameron-Blackie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer - leiomyosarcoma - six years ago and was given two months to live two years ago.

She decided to stand two weeks ago after discovering the NHS Litigation Authority annual report for April 2015-16 online.

According to the report the NHS has put aside £56.4bn for payouts to be made over several decades to people who sue the organisation for medical negligence.

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Mrs Cameron-Blackie, who moved to Reedham two years ago, was 'speechless' after finding the report and is campaigning solely on the issue to prevent the NHS paying out so much money in litigation.

She said: 'It is a miracle I'm still here. I have nearly died on so many occasions. The NHS is the sole reason I am alive. We couldn't possibly pay for the care the staff are providing for free. I owe them my life.'

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The former lawyer has received round-the-clock palliative care through community and district nurses since learning her disease was terminal and has been bedridden for nearly two months.

She believes the impact of money being paid out in litigation cases is causing nurses to be 'stressed' as well as the understaffing of wards because funds could not be used for frontline services.

She added: 'Jeremy Corbyn should be attending to issues like the NHS, rather than worrying about what is happening in Syria. He should be protecting institutions like the NHS.'

The 68-year-old said the NHS was not safe in the hands of Labour or the Conservatives and did not have an opinion on Brexit.

She is excited about the General Election campaign, which she will conduct online through Twitter.

Mrs Cameron-Blackie, who raised the £500 election deposit in 24 hours through an online Crowdfunding page, said: 'I doubt I can win but I can continue to make my voice heard. I would rather put my time to good use rather than feel sorry for myself.'

To follow the prospective parliamentary candidate, search on Twitter for @annaraccoon

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