Teenager braves a cold to complete 11-year perfect attendance record at Cawston primary and Reephan high schools

A teenager hoping to complete an 11-year perfect attendance record has completed his final week at school despite coming down with a cold.

Brett Chamberlain, from Cawston, had never missed a day at school since he started at Cawston Primary School, and was determined to maintain his 100pc record until he left Reepham High School to prepare for his GCSE exams last Friday.

Earlier in the week the 16-year-old was presented with a special certificate and voucher by James Noble, who was the last Reepham student to attend every day at the high school, nine years ago.

The school confirmed Brett made it in for his final day on Friday, when the year 11 students engaged in the traditional shirt signing, and is now preparing for his exams.

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