Teenage photographer captures stunning shot of Gorleston Breakwater

Picture at Gorleston Breakwater

Picture at Gorleston Breakwater - Credit: Archant

With the bright sun shining down on white sands against a backdrop of azure blue skies, we are reminded of the great beauty along our stretch of coast.

As the waves crash against the breakwater in Gorleston, silhouetted figures can be seen enjoying the beach on a crisp winter's day. The looming cloud acts as a warning the February weather could change in an instant, so it's vital to enjoy it while you can.

This beautiful scene was captured by East Norfolk Sixth Form College student Tom Yates, 18, from Burgh Castle, using nothing but the camera on his iPhone.

Tom took the photo at high noon on Monday this week.

He shared the picture with his grandfather Terry Mutton, who was 'taken aback by the stunning picture.'

A proud Mr Mutton said: 'I'm a local photographer myself and when Tom sent this picture to me I was truly amazed. It was such good quality and such a stunning picture to come just from his iPhone.'

Tom, who also works as a lifeguard at the Marina Centre, shares his grandad's interest in photography.