Team breathes new life into an old attraction at Lowestoft’s Pleasurewood Hills

There will be an air of familiarity about the new ride at Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft for regular visitors.

The Tide Traveller, a spinning pod thrill ride, has risen from the ashes of the previous Thunderstruck ride, which had been on its way to the scrap heap.

However the park's maintenance team decided the ride could be saved and started working on breathing fresh life into it in November.

The team changed dampeners, replaced hydraulic motors, stripped its glass fibre bodies and sand blasted and repaired its chassis.

The new Tide Traveller ride was then moved to another site in the park where it was sunk into a purpose-built concrete structure which will enable easy access for the disabled, unlike the previous ride.

During the work the team became self-taught experts in areas they had never looked at before and because of their success they have been asked to carry out similar work at a sister park in Holland.

Alexis Camelin, general manager at Pleasurewood Hills, said: 'This has been a huge effort from the maintenance team and now the ride is open all of the hard work can pay off. They have completely refurbished a ride that is as good as new.'

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