Taste test: We reveal the best ketchup in East Anglia

Salubrious Sauce Co's Breakfast Sauce

Salubrious Sauce Co's Breakfast Sauce - Credit: Archant

Wondering what to dip your brekkie into this weekend? Read our table sauce taste test.

A selection of sauces from Stokes Sauces. Picture: Ruth Leach

A selection of sauces from Stokes Sauces. Picture: Ruth Leach - Credit: Ruth Leach

What are the ultimate table sauces in East Anglia? We dipped our chips in 12 different varieties. Here are some of our favourites.

Stokes Sauces

Tomato Ketchup

Verdict: This is a really rich tomato sauce with a great depth of flavour and a silky texture. It isn't too sickly and has a wonderful breath of garlic to it. This is ketchup for grown-ups.

Best for: Dipping everything.

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Five stars

Salubrious Sauce Co

The Original Chip Shop Curry Sauce

Verdict: A little bit thin (be careful as it rushes out of the bottle) but has a really smooth texture and fragrant taste that isn't too spicy or acidic (as some curry sauces can be). It has a little coconutty hit and reminded me of a korma. The whole family loved it!

Best for: Chips or chicken goujons

Four stars

Great British Sauce Co

Proper Tomato Sauce

Verdict: This tasted and was in texture quite similar to the 'household favourite' but had a richer tomato flavour with a tang more vinegar. It would be a hit with ketchup-loving kids.

Best for: Burgers, chips, sandwiches

Four stars


Tomato Ketchup

Verdict: This one was gorgeous. Thick (almost like tomato puree) but with a pleasant tang. There's an initial sweetness that melds into a lingering warmth. Even ketchup haters liked this one.

Best for: Dipping anything! Would make a fantastic base for a barbecue sauce or hunter's chicken.

Five stars

Stokes Sauces

Bloody Mary Ketchup

Verdict: Another one that ketchup loathers liked. The texture is perfect and the flavours really interesting. Initially a sweet tomato hit, layering with celery, and then a bit of spice.

Best for: Serving with brunch. Topping a gourmet burger.

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Salubrious Sauce Co

Breakfast Sauce

Verdict: This is kind of like a cross between a brown sauce and ketchup. Made with tomatoes, seasoning and loads of fried onions it reads well on the packet but needed a touch more oomph. More pepper or more of that oniony flavour needed to come through.

Best for: Pouring over your bacon.

Three stars

Stokes Sauces

Sweet and Sticky BBQ Sauce with Maple and Horseradish

Verdict: At first bite this was quite sweet, but the maple is there and so is the horseradish, which lends its flavour to the sauce more than its heat. Some testers didn't think it had enough of a barbecue flavour.

Best for: Marinating meats for the barbecue. Those who find barbecue sauce too smoky or spicy.

Four stars