Talented teenager from Carlton Colville died due to a ‘very rare’ complication following glandular fever

A teenage girl from Carlton Colville died a day after being taken ill at school as a result of a 'very rare complication' that developed from glandular fever, an inquest heard.

Greater Suffolk coroner Dr Peter Dean said the death of Olivia Peat, 16, was down to 'very tragic circumstances'.

The inquest at Lowestoft magistrates court yesterday heard that Olivia of Periwinkle Close, Carlton Colville, had been 'excelling academically' at East Point Academy and also loved taking part in sport.

But early last June she suffered with diarrhoea and vomiting which left her unwell for four days.

She returned to school on June 10 for a biology exam but, after feeling ill, her parents were called in the afternoon and she had to be sent home. Later that afternoon, her parents called for an ambulance after Olivia collapsed and suffered a heart attack, and she was taken to the James Paget University Hospital for treatment.

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Despite efforts to save her, she died in the intensive care unit in the early hours of June 11.

Dr Dean told the inquest there had been 'numerous medical reports into this very sad death'.

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Referring to these, he said that after being taken to hospital, Olivia was found to be 'very pale with a low haemoglobin'. Emergency surgery showed bleeding in her spleen and she was transferred to intensive care.

Dr Dean said: 'After an initial period of stability, she became more unwell with further problems in the intensive care unit and a further cardiac arrest. She responded, and there was some initial improvement, before her blood pressure dropped and sadly there was nothing further the surgeons could do.'

Further tests showed that Olivia had been suffering from glandular fever, and complications led to the rupture of the spleen and further problems in the abdomen which proved fatal.

Dr Dean read out a statement from Olivia's family, who described her as 'someone who excelled at sports, particularly basketball'. As well as excelling academically, she also loved travel and music.

'Clearly, Olivia's a young person whose loss has affected her family, her friends and all who loved her so much – they miss her tremendously. Olivia will never be forgotten and lives on in their hearts,' he said.

'My thoughts go to the family on their loss in very tragic circumstances.'

Recording a verdict of death by natural causes, Dr Dean said: 'Unfortunately, with the glandular fever she then developed a very rare complication with a rupture of the spleen that led to a haemorrhage and sadly she could not be resuscitated from the underlying problems. She passed away at hospital on June 11.'

He added: 'Our thoughts are very much with the family and friends at this tragic time.'

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