Takeaway owner who owed £400,000 in tax banned from being director

Caesar's Pizza and Kebab on Dereham Road, which owed the tax authorities £400,000 when it went into liquidation

Caesar's Pizza and Kebab on Dereham Road, which owed the tax authorities £400,000 when it went into liquidation - Credit: Google

A takeaway owner who owed the tax authorities more than £400,000 has been banned from being a company director following an investigation into his misconduct. 

Huseyin Gozel, 41, served as a director for Mardin And Maras Limited in Norwich between June 2014 and September 2019.

During this time period, the company traded as Caesar's Pizza and Kebab on Dereham Road, before going into liquidation in September 2019.

However, following the liquidation and investigation was launched against Gozel amid allegations he had deliberately under-declared the company's takings to avoid taxes.

And this investigation, conducted by the Insolvency Service, found that between February 2013 and May 2018, Gozel had caused the company to suppress its earnings on its tax returns.

It also found he had failed to account for correct PAYE and National Insurance tax contributions for the five years he served as a director.

As a result, it left the company owing more than £400,000 to the tax authorities - taking into consideration interest and penalties.

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And because of this, he has been disqualified from acting as a company director without a court's permission.

On December 11, the secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy accepted an undertaking from Huseyin Gozel after he did not dispute that he failed to submit accurate tax returns.

Lawrence Zussman, deputy director of Insolvent Investigations, said: "Huseyin Gozel did not take his responsibilities as a director seriously enough and throughout the time he was involved in the company deliberately under-declared sales to avoid the takeaway meeting its tax obligations.

"More than £400,000 is missing from the public purse due to his misconduct and this disqualification means he will be banned from acting as a director in any business for seven years."

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