Take That superfan launches stateside campaign for Carrow Road concert

Louise Sacha has launched a twitter campaign to get Take That to sing Happy Birthday to her at Carro

Louise Sacha has launched a twitter campaign to get Take That to sing Happy Birthday to her at Carrow Road on June 15 Picture: @lsacha - Credit: Archant

A Take That devotee has launched a Twitter campaign to get her favourite band to sing Happy Birthday to her when she travels from the US to Carrow Road for their June 15 concert in Norwich.


Louise Sacha, 37, who lives in Portland, Oregon, celebrates her birthday in June and is praying her Twitter hashtag #TTSingtoLouise will get the attention of Barlow and the boys.

The mother of three moved from Loughborough, Leicestershire, to the West Coast in 2003 when she married her American husband.

But that hasn't stopped Mrs Sacha from following her favourite band. She even plans her yearly visits back to the UK to coincide with Take That concerts.

Louise said: 'Take That are like another connection to the UK for me. I've always gone to their shows with my mum and sister – it's a family tradition!


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'Though I am a lifelong Take That fan I'm pretty new to Twitter. I joined after I kept reading news stories about stuff Gary was posting on there.

'In the nineties I had to wait for the next issue of Smash Hits to find out what they were up to and now it's instant!

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'I have been tweeting them everyday since we bought our tickets using exerts from their songs, selfies and pictures of them to get their attention.

'The first phase was to get Gary to follow me to increase the visibility of my tweets and it worked! He followed be just before Christmas and in the last week he's retweeted me twice.'

Louise fell in love with the group in 1992 after receiving a copy of 'It Only Takes A Minute' for her 13th birthday.

The Take That superfan used to spend hours in her room listening to their music, making scrapbooks of magazine clippings and rearranging posters on her walls.

The group now consist of three of the five original members: Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald.

Louise added: 'When they split up in 1996 I was gutted and felt quite empty. I didn't have to call the Samaritans as many others did, but I was sad. Then Robbie blew up and I road that wave. I was so happy when they reformed in 2006.

'If my campaign comes to fruition and they do sing to me on June 15 I have no idea how I will react. It will be utterly amazing and show how much they appreciate their fans.

'I'm going to keep tweeting them every day until my dreams come true. If they're feeling generous, a birthday kiss would be appreciated to!'

Help make June 15 the Greatest Day of Louise's life with the hashtag #TTSingToLouise (It only take's a minute) and follow @lsacha

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