Tailor shutting up shop because of changing character of shopping street

Tailor Giuseppe Nutile has closed down his La Grande Moda shop in Great Yarmouth after 28 years runn

Tailor Giuseppe Nutile has closed down his La Grande Moda shop in Great Yarmouth after 28 years running the business. He is however looking to re-locate to Gorleston. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

A changing of the times and fortunes in Great Yarmouth has led to one of the town's long-time store owners shutting down shop.

La Grande Moda

La Grande Moda - Credit: Archant

La Grande Moda in King Street, owned by Giuseppe Nutile, closed last month after 28 years of producing high-quality, made-to-measure suits - some which sell up to £2,000.

Mr Nutile, said the streets changing face has led to its closure though he still has plans to carry on making suits, possibly relocating elsewhere in the town or by providing an appointment-only service.

The 63-year-old, born in Italy, said: 'The changing market place and demographic of King Street, as well as the decline of the road, has led to me making this decision.

'As my older customers retire, they no longer have a need for a bespoke suit and younger generations prefer to buy ready-made suits with a fashion label or from the local supermarket.

'There is still a market for me but these customers who would be interested in paying for my suits do not venture out of town far enough down King Street to find my shop.

'When I started there was some very posh shops close by. You would have the men come to my shop and their wives or partners would go to a similar ladies clothing shop across the road.

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'But over the past 10 years things have changed and it become hidden away in between the abundance of ethnic shops and cafes.

'My customers they pay around between £1,000 and £2,000 for a suit, but the location of the shop meant that new customers who might have had an interest, would have no way of thinking my shop was down there as what is around there is a much different price-level.'

Giuseppe Nutile, was born in Alvignano, Caserta, Italy, where from his youth, he was taught as a tailor until the age of 17 when he joined the army. He didn't sign up as a tailor but found himself doing quite a bit of work on the uniforms of his officers.

At the age of 20, Mr Nutile went to Jersey to work for an Italian tailor but after about two years on the island moved to Caister, the home of his wife, Linda, and together they had two children, Alton and Nattalena.

From 1978 to 1991, Mr Nutile worked for tailor Harry Darby, of Opie Street, Norwich, although from 1983 he was doing much of the work from his own small shop in the Southtown area of Yarmouth.

The death of the owner of the Norwich tailoring business meant many of his customers transferred to Mr Nutile in 1991.

He moved his business, called La Grande Moda (The Big Fashion), to 46 King Street, Yarmouth, in 1988.

He worked there with his wife, and the suits he produced were made to fit, in the material and style the client would want, and which would look good for many years.

He sources his cloth from a range of textile companies including Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil and Brook Taverner.

He said: 'I think the benefit to having a bespoke suit compared to a ready made one, is that we make suits that are made to fit.

'A lot of customers come to me, and they say that ready-made suits are more uncomfortable, particularly when they sit down, and as well as that not everybody has the perfect body and you might buy a suit which might be good in body length but not in terms of arms or neck.

'We make suits that are perfect for the comfort of the customer, and over the years we had some really dedicated customers who would spend many thousands of pounds a year in our shop.

'The cliental we had was quite up-market, and that is why the changing face of King Street has affected our shop as you just don't get the same sort of people in terms of those who would be willing to spend that much on a suit.'

Despite the closure of his shop in Yarmouth, he believes there is still a target audience for what he does.

He said: 'We offer the same quality as what you get in London and there you pay £5,000 for a suit.

'My customers know they have not seen the last of me, I am looking at two or three different options including one which would be by appointment only.

'But in the meantime I am available for home visits where I can bring my tape measurer and look after my clients in their own homes.'

To contact Mr Nutile, call 07786 388935.

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