New tabletop gaming shop opens in Norwich

Kieran Meenaghan, the owner of The Games Table. Picture: Lauren De Boise

Kieran Meenaghan, the owner of The Games Table. Picture: Lauren De Boise - Credit: Lauren De Boise

The owner of a brand new table gaming shop in Norwich turned his dream into a reality when his store opened for the first time on Saturday.

Kieran Meenaghan, 32, opened The Games Table on Magdalen Street and says his new venture has started well.

He said: 'We've sold lots of products, we've shown people games, we've had people painting miniatures, we've served lots of coffees and so far all our reviews have been five star.

The Games Table sells a variety of fantasy themed tabletop games such as Warhammer and includes several specifically designed tables which Kieran has put together himself.

The opening of the shop coincided with both armed forces day and the release of a brand new game 'Age of Sigmar, Soul Wars' and Kieran, who was formerly in the armed forces, says he will donate 10% of all sales of the new game to the Royal British Legion.

He said: 'I was in the army for six and a half years before I left and went to uni. I think that armed forces day is not often well known so I thought as it's our opening we can try and raise a bit of money at the same time.

'We also had a cake sale which was quite popular.'

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He also says that a big aim for his shop is to make it somewhere that is open to all without fear of judgement.

He said: 'I still know there's often a bit of a stigma around it and I just wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone will feel welcome without feeling awkward.

'I've seen the benefits they can give to people socially, with number abilities and with reading.'

Despite the shop being in its early days, Kieran is hoping the future of his business is a bright one and has a number of schemes and events planned.

He said: 'The dream is to make the business self sufficient and maybe get some employees in here so I can take a step back and build the wider business.'

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