Swaffham vicar’s jubilee dog poo plea rejected

A clergyman's request for anti-dog fouling notices to be installed before he holds a jubilee party has been rejected.

Father Martin Johnstone emailed Swaffham town council on March 16 to raise concerns about 'an inordinate amount of dog mess' on patches of grass that parishioners of the Catholic church maintain along Northwell Pool Road.

After receiving no response, he sent a letter through the post a month later, repeating his concerns that the amount of mess was 'not just a 'normal' or 'average' amount of fouling, but 'considerable'', and asking for street cleaner to urgently clean the mess that was there.

He wrote: 'We would be grateful if a metal anti-dog-fouling notice, preferably with a bin and/or plastic bags, could be placed on the grass patch adjacent to the road.'

However, Swaffham town councillors meeting on Wednesday May 9 said there were already many signs in the area, and decided not to add another.

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