Supermarket workers to walk down aisle after store proposal

Daniel Nicholson with fiancee Katrena Hayes, who agreed to marry him after he made an announcement o

Daniel Nicholson with fiancee Katrena Hayes, who agreed to marry him after he made an announcement over the Tannoy at Tesco, Sheringham, where they both work. Picture: KAREN BETHELL - Credit: Archant

A supermarket worker who found love among the aisles is celebrating his engagement, after proposing to his partner over the store tannoy to the delight of cheering customers and colleagues.

Daniel Nicholson, 29, met Katrena Hayes, 23, when the pair started work at Tesco, Sheringham, 18 months ago.

But, while Daniel knew immediately Katrena was the girl of his dreams, she was unsure.

'He asked me out, but, because I've been hurt in the past, I just thought the same thing would happen again,' Katrena explained.

However, Daniel refused to give up, wooing the object of his affections with trips to Colchester Zoo and London. Six months on, she finally relented, after realising Daniel was, in fact, 'a really nice guy'.

'Once I got to know him, I found out he's really sweet, he just makes me smile every day,' Katrena said.

The couple moved in together a few months ago, but, wanting to take their relationship a step further, Daniel decided to pop the question.

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And, keen to make the occasion memorable, he came up with the idea of combining their first meeting with their shared love of comic books, computer games and Pokemon as a theme for his proposal.

With the whole staff team in on the secret, he arranged to go in on his day off to surprise his future fiancée.

'I sneaked round the back and said over the tannoy that I was making an announcement for a special lady, who is my world and who I can't live without and then I asked her to marry me,' Daniel explained.

He then walked over to the self-service area, where Katrena was working, got down on one knee and presented her with an engagement ring nestled in a 'Pokeball' - a plastic sphere designed to catch and store characters in the hugely popular game Pokemon.

'The whole store went silent, you could hear a pin drop,' he said.

To a chorus of whoops and applause from shoppers and staff, a tearful Katrena accepted.

'I was so happy,' Daniel said. 'Because we have so much in common, I didn't want to let her go; she is everything I want in a partner and she means the world to me.'

Team support staff member Kerry Beck, who was in on the plan, said the pair made a perfect couple.

'They are so well suited,' she added. 'And when Daniel proposed, it was so romantic that I had to walk away as I had tears in my eyes.'

After a meal out to celebrate, the happy couple, who live at North Walsham, were back on the checkouts the following day.

'Everybody at work knew and I think they all thought we would eventually get together, it was just fantastic,' Daniel said.