Super snow moon to light up Norfolk skies

Another super moon will rise in February. Photo: Sonya Duncan

Another super moon will rise in February. Photo: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

February's super moon will be the biggest and brightest of 2019.

The first full moon of 2019 rose in the early hours of January 21.

It was of particular interest to sky-gazers as not only was it a super moon, appearing larger and brighter than the average moon, but it also took on a red hue due to the coinciding total lunar eclipse.

It is the next super moon on February 19, however, that will be the brightest we'll see all year.

Super moons occur when the moon makes its closest elliptical orbit of earth and can make the moon appear up to 14pc bigger and 30pc brighter in the sky.

For hundreds of years people across the world have named moons after the aspects of life they associate with them - February's moon is often dubbed the snow moon as it rises during America's snowy season.

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It is also said to have been dubbed the hunger moon by some Native American tribes as it coincides with a difficult time for hunting and scarce food sources.

There are three super moons in 2019, with the final one rising in March.

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