Suffolk police release Christmas drink drive figures

SUFFOLK Police have said it has been left 'disappointed' with the number of people still determined to put lives and careers on the line by getting behind the wheel over the during the Christmas period.

Figures released by the force show 111 motorists out of 1638 stopped in December were arrested for drink-driving. meaning 6.8pc were detained.

This compares to December 2010 when 102 breath tests out of 1,118 conducted were positive - a raio of 9.1pc.

The month-long campaign and saw officers conduct breath tests countywide.

On average 3.5 motorists were caught over the drink-drive limit everyday during the campaign.

The worst offending group was those aged under the age of 25 where 6.4pc failed a breath test. Only 1.9pc of tests conducted on those over the age of 25 were found to be positive.

Police say 447 breath tests were carried following a road traffic collision, of which 31 resulted in a positive reading.

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Last week four of those arrested appeared before Lowestoft magistrates and recevied hefty fines and driving bans.

Chief Insp Adrian Dawson said that motorists were continuing to 'dice with death' and risk everything of value to themselves and others by driving under the influence of alcohol.

He said: 'This year has seen a decrease in the number stopped to be over the drink-drive limit, however, nearly 7pc of people we have stopped have failed to act with consideration or acknowledge the greatly increased risks they face by drink driving.

'Those offending need to realise that they not just putting themselves at risk but other innocent road users as well.

This is a very serious issue and can have severe consequences.

'Campaigns such as this demonstrate our commitment to clamping down on drink drivers and should act as a warning: if you drink and drive you will be arrested and prosecuted. This particular campaign may have come to an end but our commitment remains and checks will continue throughout the year.'

Anyone who suspects someone of drink-driving is asked to report them immediately to the police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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