Drink and drug driving campaign is launched

Roadside tests will be carried out on motorists Picture: GREGG BROWN

Roadside tests will be carried out on motorists Picture: GREGG BROWN

Police in Suffolk have launched a summer campaign to clamp down on drink and drug driving.

Officers will be targeting motorists who drive under the influence of drink or drugs as part of a month-long campaign to make Suffolk's roads safer.

The project, which started this week and is set to run until June 30, will see officers across the county testing drivers and catching those who are over the limit.

Sergeant Peter Howlett, of the roads policing unit, said: 'This is an offence we target all year round but the summer campaign gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers driving under the influence can have, that a minority of motorists still chose to ignore.

'Drink or drug driving impairs your judgement, making your reactions slower, therefore increasing the chance of being involved in a collision.'

The campaign will be enforced by roads policing officers with support from uniformed colleagues across the county.

During last year's campaign, 62 motorists were caught drink or drug driving in Suffolk.

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If over the limit, motorists will receive an obligatory driving disqualification – and may even face imprisonment.

Suffolk's police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore said: 'As the weather improves and the barbecues are dusted off, I welcome this timely campaign to remind drivers not to drink or take drugs and drive.

'It beggars belief that despite the obvious dangers, too many drivers still take to the road under the influence of drink or drugs.

'All drivers need to understand that drink or drug driving risks lives and the lives of others, it is grossly irresponsible and selfish.'

Mr Passmore added: 'I hope that slowly but surely the message is getting through, this cavalier attitude to safety is completely unacceptable and I urge drivers to take heed.

'Sadly too many drivers have still not learnt the lesson – drink driving kills.'

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