Suffolk police authority budget concerns

Suffolk Constabulary must now save more than �16million pounds in four years forcing it to recommend a 3.75pc rise its share of the council tax for 2012/13.

Serious concerns about police officer numbers have left senior officers feeling they have little option but to recommend the county's police authority sanction the move.

The alternative would be to take a �1.25m grant from the government in order to keep the constabulary's portion of the council tax at the same level it is now.

An increase in council tax would rake in �1.55m.

The force had hoped to keep financial savings down to �13.6m between this financial year and 2014/15. However, due to inflation and other growing costs the figure required now is said to have grown to more than �16m.

The decision relating to a rise in the council tax precept or accepting the government's offer will be made at the Suffolk Police Authority meeting on February 20.

Today's news comes the day after Suffolk County Council said it would not be increasing the level of council tax paid by residents.

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