Suffolk firefighters receive new breathing equipment

Firefighters across Suffolk are better prepared than ever to protect people thanks to the launch of new breathing kit today.

A 10-year contract with Interspiro Ltd to equip the county's 35 fire stations with 'Spiroguide II' breathing equipment means firefighters will receive a boost to their personal safety by using the very latest in firefighting technology.

Each new breathing kit includes a computer with a digital display which monitors air supply at all times.

It also calculates a safe turnaround point in confined areas and uses an automatic distress signal to help nearby firefighters locate their colleague in an emergency.

Colin Spence, Suffolk County Council's portfolio holder for public protection, said: 'I am delighted to be launching the new breathing equipment today.

'Our firefighters do such a demanding and important job, and their safety is paramount. This means providing them with equipment that will protect them in some very difficult circumstances.

It also supports them to deliver the best possible service to Suffolk people.

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'I am very proud of the fact this new equipment, which coupled with our recently issued firefighting clothing, ensures Suffolk's firefighters carry some of the best protective equipment available today.

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