‘Such a shame to portray Norwich this way’ - Readers’ reaction to Jeremy Kyle’s Norwich visit

Jeremy Kyle was filming a documentary in Norwich. Picture Twitter/ChrisFloyd

Jeremy Kyle was filming a documentary in Norwich. Picture Twitter/ChrisFloyd - Credit: Archant

Television presenter Jeremy Kyle's recent visit to Prince of Wales has been just as controversial as his programme with many people having varying opinions on one of the most notorious roads in Norwich.

The 51-year-old spent Saturday night filming a documentary on Prince of Wales Road where he explored Norwich's nightclub hub and spent time with staff from the East of England Ambulance Service and the SOS bus.

The straight-talking TV host said he could not believe a night out in the city could 'turn so sour for some' and that some of what he saw 'was unbelievable.'

The story has received a lot of reaction on our social media channels. Thousands of people have read the story and many seem to agree with Mr Kyle's views.

Lisa Gibbs wrote: 'I think people who drink so much and can't look after themselves should be ashamed. You should pay for your own care or treatment if you choose to drink so much.

'Occasionally people become ill or injured through no fault of their own and I'm glad our services in Norwich are there to help them.'

Jen commented: 'Back in the 80s and early 90s after work on a Saturday night I used to stop for KFC in Prince of Wales Road but I won't go near it anymore on a Saturday night now. It is the ruin of Norwich on a Saturday, sometimes Friday too.'

And Johny added: 'Prince of Wales Road is out of control and a dangerous place to be at certain times. I'm sure the film they have made will prove that.'

Others were a bit more sceptical about Mr Kyle's Norwich visit, stating that Prince of Wales is not different to many other places across the country.

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Rob Devlin commented: 'Norwich is a good night out. The majority of people have a great time and do not cause problems to themselves or others and the clubs are on the whole well run and organised. The problem lays with people after 3am - they are usually drunk.

Daryl Harper wrote: 'Prince of Wales Road is no different to any other city on a weekend, drunk people everywhere.'

And Ellie Skalli added: 'Such a shame to portray Norwich in this way.

'We are proud of our city.'

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