WATCH: Stunning starling murmuration filmed over Great Yarmouth

A still of a video of a starling murmuration in Great Yarmouth captured by YouTube user, Tim.

A still of a video of a starling murmuration in Great Yarmouth captured by YouTube user, Tim. - Credit: Archant

A murmuration of thousands of swooping starlings has been filmed in the skies above Great Yarmouth.

The hypnotic phenomena is considered one of Mother Nature's most amazing spectacles and a joy to witness.

The footage taken by YouTube user Tim Lindon shows the birds performing together in a perfectly co-ordinated flock, each taking its place in the winding, swirling mass - a feature of the time of year.

According to The Woodland Trust each starling follows the movement of the six birds flying closest beside it.

And because they have lightning-fast reactions – under 100 milliseconds – and superb spatial awareness, if one bird changes speed or direction, those around it do too.

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This ripples through the murmuration and means that they're able to fly at speeds of around 20mph without crashing in mid-air.

The breathtaking show of aerobatics is said to offer safety in numbers, warmth at night, and the chance to exchange information, such as good feeding areas.

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They gather over their roosting site, and perform their wheeling stunts before they roost for the night, the RSPB says, adding that early evening, just before dusk, is the best time to see them.

Uploading the 36 second video @Tim said: 'Had to film this, so beautiful to watch.'

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