Stunning scene of Southwold Pier is perfect start to year for photographer

An image from Southwold Pier on Monday, January 4 taken with a three minute long exposure. Picture:

An image from Southwold Pier on Monday, January 4 taken with a three minute long exposure. Picture: Lucas Scott - Credit: Lucas Scott

This idyllic scene serves as a reminder to the beauty that can be witnessed all around Southwold.

Lucas Scott is a landscape and outdoor photographer from north Lowestoft.

He captured this shot of the pier as the sun rose at the start of the first week of 2016.

Mr Scott said: 'Being a new year, I wanted to start it off with an image which stood out.'

The father-of-one has been taking photos since he was 20, and for the last three years he has done so as a professional photographer.

Mr Scott added: 'I enjoy landscape photography because of the way something can change just like that.'

The 30-year-old photographer said that he was waiting in the morning to take the perfect photograph.

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'Firstly, I knew I wanted to capture the pier with great light but also have some atmosphere which would make the image feel more real.

'I went with a three minute long exposure to give the dreamy feeling along the water and the wispy look in the clouds.

'I love the way long exposure images look, it gives a real dreamy feel to it.

'Southwold is a beautiful place from winter through to summer, and to capture it at different seasons, shows people how beautiful the east coast is whether it's in summer or winter, as it shows in this image.

'I love this place, for some reason it brings back thoughts of Cornwall for me and my partner. Maybe it's the laid-back vibe you get there from the local people.

Mr Scott's nine-year-old son, Tyrese, is a budding photographer himself and often accompanies his dad taking photos on his very own camera.

'Suffolk is a very flat place but there are a lot of great landscape opportunities, you just have to go out and picture them.'

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