Students warned they will receive an immediate detention if they are caught doing bottle flip challenge

The Atrium at North Walsham High School.PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

The Atrium at North Walsham High School.PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: © ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHIC

The global craze involves half-filling a plastic bottle with water and throwing it in the air in the hope it will land upright.

The challenge became an internet sensation after a video was posted in May of US high school student Mike Senatore performing tricks at a talent show. Since then people have been trying to outdo each other, landing their bottles on surfaces including walls and windowsills.

But North Walsham High School issued a warning to those pupils thinking of attempting it at the school. A message posted on the Spenser Avenue school's website earlier this week, said: 'Following a misunderstanding today, we would like to confirm that the 'Bottle flip challenge' is not permitted in school. Students caught doing this will have an immediate C3 detention. Many thanks.'

The warning has attracted criticism on social media, with people taking to Facebook to comment on the school's stance. Molly Meyer posted: 'How pathetic! Not sure how that can be classed as a detention worthy offence?'

Jenna Self posted: 'I can't tell whether this is a joke or not. Why on earth would something so simple be banned?!'