Students turn Wymondham College allotment into garden

Green fingered Norfolk college students have helped to revive an overgrown allotment and create a wildlife haven where their colleagues can enjoy quiet relaxation time.

The Wymondham College students have used their time during the College Enrichment Week to turn around some of the allotment beds by planting wildlife friendly plants designed to attract bugs and bees and bats and birds to try and make the area not only more beautiful but also easier to maintain.

The students also repaired the clay pizza oven and built a shelter for it.

In the rough area in front of the allotment, where there was once a sea of nettles and thistles, there is now a large bog garden and pond, littered with hand made rocks and paving stones.

The students were also able to spend some time in the woods behind the allotment making pathways and building dens.

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