Students’ disappointment as college course winds up without warning

Former fisheries student Joshua Hubbard. Picture: Courtesy Joshua's family

Former fisheries student Joshua Hubbard. Picture: Courtesy Joshua's family - Credit: Archant

A group of college students have been left disappointed after their course was unexpectedly shut down.

Easton and Otley College. Photo : Steve Adams

Easton and Otley College. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Some of the 13 Easton and Otley College students were just two days into their fisheries course when the closure was announced, and others were further into their studies.

A spokesman for the Easton-based college apologised to the students affected.

He said: 'We can confirm that due to lower than anticipated enrolments on the fisheries pathways of both the level two and level three land and wildlife qualifications, the difficult decision to close these pathways has been taken.

'Students affected have been signposted to alternative pathways of countryside and game keeping at Easton and Otley which will continue to provide them with a suitable route to higher education and employment in this area.

'We would like to apologise to those affected by this decision.'

One of those who had just started his course was 16-year-old Joshua Hubbard, of Wymondham.

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His mum, Kate Hubbard, said her son was 'extremely upset' by the course's closure as he now had to look for something new.

She said: 'He applied to the course, got enrolled, did two days and then on the Friday he was told without notice that the course was ending right then.

'They just said we haven't got enough pupils and the teacher is leaving so there's nothing we can do about it.

'Luckily a friend was able to pick him up.

'I think the college has let the pupils down - they could have said something in the weeks before if it was not clear that the course would go ahead.'

Mrs Hubbard said Joshua now had to find another course, however his options were limited.

'We went to City College and the only thing he was interested in was engineering and vehicle maintenance. But it was a level 1 course and he was qualified to do a level 3.'

She said Joshua was also considering other courses at Easton and Otley.

The college spokesman added: 'The college has also provided information relating to fisheries courses that are taking place this year at other educational establishments.'

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