Family-of-six rescued from boat after it veered into reeds

Vessel run aground.

The family's hire vessel ran aground. - Credit: Hemsby Lifeboat

A family-of-six were rescued from their hire boat after it veered into reeds and mud and ran aground.

Hemsby Lifeboat rescuing a vessel which had run aground.

Hemsby Lifeboat received the help message at 8.58pm on Thursday. - Credit: Hemsby Lifeboat

Hemsby Broads Rescue was paged just before 9pm on Thursday night by Humber Coastguard to assist with the evacuation of the boat just east of Reedham.

Due to tidal conditions and the position of the vessel, the team said it was not possible to either recover the boat or leave the family on board.

Three crew members were put onboard to provide care and safety advice to the family.

Vessel run aground.

Hemsby Lifeboat coxswain, Daniel Hurd said the family remained calm and were all wearing life jackets. - Credit: Hemsby Lifeboat

The remaining crew manned the rescue boat and ferried the family, three at a time, back to Reedham.

The family were met by a member of Gorleston Coastguard, which was also on scene and monitoring the boat.

Once they were reunited, the family arranged transport to Acle where they stayed overnight.

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After all six members of the family were safely evacuated the crew on board the vessel secured it ready for recovery by the hire firm at high tide.

Daniel Hurd, Coxwain of Hemsby Lifeboat, said: "The launch was made harder due to the slipway having about a foot of mud on it.

"People need to pay attention at all times, but these things happen.

"It was a long process, but Humber Coastguard and Gorleston Coastguard communicated effectively and the family were incredibly co-operative.

"The family were all wearing life jackets and remained calm, which makes everything run smoothly."

Vessel run aground.

The family's hire vessel ran aground. - Credit: Hemsby Lifeboat

The Hemsby Broads Rescue team returned to base in the early hours and prepared the equipment for the next call.

Hemsby Lifeboat thanked Humber Coastguard and Gorleston Coastguard for its help.

Hemsby Lifeboat is a voluntary lifeboat service and is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help people in trouble at sea or in the Broads.