Stubborn end to North Walsham parade as Laura the donkey says ‘neigh’ to Palm Sunday church service

Laura the donkey got stage fright today as she shied away from going into church after leading the Palm Sunday parade through North Walsham.

After behaving impeccably while being led through Market Place and the churchyard, Laura - from Holly Farm, Meeting Hill - lost her nerve as she approached the doorway of St Nicholas' Church.

Her owners tried to coax and cajole her, but her mind was made up and she eventually turned round and refused to enter.

The unexpected refusal came at the end of a well-attended parade through the town after a short service and song by the Market Cross - with The Rev Canon Derek Earis leading a crowd of about 100 people.

The parade was part of a busy day in the town centre, which was filled with stalls for a European market.

After leading Give me Joy in my Heart, Canon Earis said: 'We are blessed with the sunshine and the continental market, which adds to the atmosphere today.'

The market stalls included olives, feta, paella, fajitas, artisan breads, pastries, cakes, sausages, clothes, tartiflette, garlic prawns and clothing.

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