Struggling Thetford audio newspaper for blind on hunt for volunteers

Link Up, a free audio newspaper in Thetford is in danger of closing down due to lack of volunteers.

Link Up, a free audio newspaper in Thetford is in danger of closing down due to lack of volunteers. Mike Wabe is appealing to interested people to get in touch. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

An audio newspaper which serves as a lifeline for the blind is pleading for volunteers to come forward as it struggles to cope with a shortage of personnel.

Charity newspaper, Thetford Linkup, rounds up local news for nearly 100 listeners every fortnight.

But the recent loss of a number of volunteers has left the group struggling to meet demand - and facing the possibility of folding.

Mike Wabe, secretary, said it was on the hunt for people to give up just a couple of hours every five to six weeks.

'We've got a number of positions that need filling, including publicity officer, producer, editor, script collators and male readers.

'We provide all the equipment and support, and it only takes a couple of hours every few weeks,' he said.

Mr Wabe admitted the charity had found recruitment tough.

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'When people have dropped out, others seem reluctant to step in. I think they sometimes think they aren't capable.

'But the roles are very simple,' he said.

The service is invaluable to its listeners, according to Mr Wabe, with the 45 minute round-ups filling them in on a variety of local news.

'It's probably the only way the blind and partially-sighted can get local news.

'I had a woman write to me last year to say her mother had been so reliant on us that she had left us a decent sum of money in her will, which made a real difference,' he said.

To volunteer, contact Mike Wabe on 01842 755131 or email

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