String of bad luck continues for Mulbarton woman

Laura Gaunt, who ordered £800 worth of dresses and says that DHL have lost them, now has other damag

Laura Gaunt, who ordered £800 worth of dresses and says that DHL have lost them, now has other damaged stock after her dog Pugsley managed to set fire to her house causing smoke damage.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

A businesswoman says her plans to have a month off of work to recover from major surgery have been scuppered after she was hit by a string of bad luck, including a missing delivery and a house fire.

Laura Gaunt, 30, from Mulbarton, says she is 'absolutely disgusted' after courier DHL lost a package of dresses, which would have been worth £3,000 in orders for her business.

The fashion entrepreneur has had a bout of bad luck this week, which she says has now left the future of her business in jeopardy,

Not only has the vital package of up to 60 dresses gone missing, the family dog, Pugsley, set fire to her home in Ryefield Road on Monday.

She has been desperately trying to find the missing package and organise the redecoration of her home before going into hospital on Monday to have a hysterectomy.

The major operation is going ahead after doctors found precancerous cervical cells.

Ms Gaunt, from Ryefield Road, said: 'I couldn't take the risk of it turning into something; my cousin died of cancer and I'm a single mother, so I can't have anything happening to me.'

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On December 16, the businesswoman ordered the goods, opting for express delivery and they should have arrived via courier DHL on December 18, but somewhere along the way they disappeared.

The mass order of clothing from China was in preparation for the eight long weeks of recovery ahead.

With orders already pouring in online, Ms Gaunt is now facing a loss of £3,300 of sales. Police are investigating the incident as a confirmation email from DHL outlines that someone in the Norwich area has the package.

She said: 'Something like this could potentially finish my small business, I have used DHL before haven't had any problems, but they won't tell me where my dresses have been delivered, it is absolutely disgusting, it is very frustrating.'

She said she was told by the company that a Christmas temporary driver dropped off the package so they are unable to find its whereabouts.

A spokesperson from DHL said: 'We've sincerely apologised to Ms Gaunt and would like to assure her that this is not a reflection of our normal standard of service.

'As our contract for the delivery is with the sender of the goods, and not Ms Gaunt, we have asked Ms Gaunt to get in touch with the retailer in order for us to arrange a refund.'

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