Strange looking invaders take over Martham

Their day job is to scare off birds from valuable crops.

But over the weekend a group of 55 colourful and in some cases down right bizarre scarecrows took over a Norfolk village and enjoyed the bank holiday break.

The wacky collection of scarecrows could be seen dotted around Martham, near Great Yarmouth during Sunday and today.

Among the visitors were scarecrows resembling Prince William and his new wife, Humpty Dumpty, a cowboy, a lollipop lady, a chimney sweep and one slightly tipsy one outside the King's Arms pub.

It was Martham's third scarecrow festival.

Organisers hope the bank holiday display and trail of the weird looking creations made by villagers will raise at least �1,200 for the new Martham Community Centre.

The weekend festival also saw living scarecrows surprising people at Martham Grouped Homes and 10 bizarrely decorated wheelbarrows attracting visitors' attention.

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One of the festival's organiser Peter Carpenter said: 'It has gone very well. Each year there are themes that people pick up on for their scarecrows, such as the Royal Wedding or the Olympics.'

The festival also raised funds by holding garage and garden sales and charity stalls and children's entertainment and art competition.

There was also a Teddy's bear picnic flower festival at the Methodist Chapel, an art exhibition at St Mary's Church and live music by Philip and John.

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