Head torches and candles: What 24 hours without power looks like in Norfolk

norfolk storm eunice powercut feb 18

Sherry's daughter, Jessica, found clever ways of keeping warm during the power cut yesterday (February 18) - Credit: Sherry Michelle

Thousands of homes in Norfolk have been without power for more than 24 hours - and droves more may have to go 48 hours without supply.

UK Power Networks has said that 2,000 properties in Norfolk remain without power after the electricity network suffered "a month's worth of faults in a day" due to strong winds.

Large sections of east and south Norfolk are heading into another night without the lights on.

Ed Fletcher-Wells, 53, and his wife Bridget, 51, were left powerless at their home in Rollesby near Hemsby yesterday.

norfolk storm eunice powercut feb 18

Bridget Fletcher-Wells at her home in Rollesby during a power cut on February 18 caused by Storm Eunice. She and her husband used headtorches and candles to light their home. - Credit: Ed Fletcher-Wells

Ed said: "It wasn't too bad honestly, it became a candle-lit night around the kitchen table without the telly.

"It was my first real power cut since the 70s. The power was going on and off from about 1.30pm but went out fully from 7pm to 3am. 

"It wasn't too cold but it was pitch black, I couldn't see a thing. We wear head torches to walk our labrador so we put those on and found the dog's light-up collar.

"When it properly went out I'd just boiled the kettle so we put the water in a flask and drank tea for the rest of the night. We wrapped up warm and chatted.  

norfolk storm eunice powercut feb 18

For some, fireplaces were the only source of light available during the power cut - Credit: Sherry Michelle

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"It it was longer it would be a different story, but it was a fairly nice night in."

Outages close to the couple are expected to end tomorrow - with Martham estimated to be back online by 4.30pm at the latest.

Robbie Starling, who runs Garboldisham Village Shop, was out of power for hours yesterday (February 18) but saw his community come together in support until the electricity returned. 

He said: "We kept the shop open and just took cash or IOUs.

norfolk storm eunice powercut feb 18

Those with electric hobs resorted to using portable gas hobs by candlelight. - Credit: Sherry Michelle

"We had torches everywhere and the whole village turned up for coffee. It was brilliant.

"It was a wartime spirit. Just lovely to see."

The Thetford area may not see power come back until tomorrow afternoon with a UK Power Networks map predicting the lights may flicker back on in villages like Blo' Norton at around 4.30pm.

Elsewhere people are getting inventive in a bid to keep warm.

Sherry Mitchell said: "Ours has been off since the early hours of this morning. We've had to make cuppas on the gas stove and are using tea light and the fireplace to light our home."

Anneke Cook said: "My daughter's power was off for nine hours yesterday and my elderly mum's power has now been off for 24 hours."

Belinda Land, who lives near Norwich, said: "Yesterday it was off for three hours and it's gone again for the second time today. It's not good when you’ve got storage heaters."