Stolen Woody Bear and Ronnie Racoon returned home to Lowestoft’s Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills thank the public after Woody Bear and Ronnie the Racoon are returned. Photo: Plea

Pleasurewood Hills thank the public after Woody Bear and Ronnie the Racoon are returned. Photo: Pleasurewood Hills - Credit: Archant

A social media appeal has led to the safe return of two iconic theme park mascots nearly 35-years-old.

Woody Bear and Ronnie the Racoon were recovered by Pleasurewood Hills, in Lowestoft, at around 11.30am today.

The duo had been dumped outside the main gate entrance in black bin liners.

Mark Satchell, technical manager, found the bags - initially mistaking them for fly tipping.

Kate Wood, of Pleasurewood Hills, said: 'He went to deal with the rubbish and a furry ear popped out.

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'That they have been returned so quickly is brilliant. Clarence the Cat isn't on his own any longer.'

The two 4ft tall unique display soft toys of Woody and Ronnie were stolen from the park gift shop at around 2.35pm on Wednesday, June 28.

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The well-known and loved character pieces were made especially for the park's opening in 1983 and were 'completely unique.'

Pleasurewood Hills expressed their gratitude to the public who got behind the search and appeal for the missing mascots.

Mrs Wood, said: 'Thank you so, so much to everyone who got behind finding these treasures for us.

'Our customers were amazing at sharing our post on social media and even setting up alerts on the selling sites to ensure Woody and Ronnie didn't get sold on.

'It's a testament to what the power of people can do.

Plans are being made to display the mascots again however they will now be behind a glass cabinet.

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