Stokesby residents enjoy royal occasion

Eyes were glued to the large TV screen in Stokesby Village Hall as Kate and William tied the knot.

Nearly 50 people from around the village gathered together in the bar section and enjoyed a range of nibbles and drinks ahead of a full party this evening.

And located just by the champagne and near the white-iced cake, stood the happy couple themselves, even if it was in life-size cardboard cutout form.

Organiser David Merison explained that they had sent out letters to everyone in the local area, and added he was pleased with the turnout.

The 28-year-old said: 'A lot of people in the village wanted to celebrate the occasion so I thought it would be nice to watch it all together here.

'I think it's fantastic and we wanted to mimic the marriage with a wedding event and then an evening party so we've got a good time ahead of us.'

From 7.30pm onwards, he and many others are set to enjoy a buffet, disco and live band The Peppermint Men.

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