Stars of Norfolk and Waveney - Everyone is a winner says previous Team of the Year

Team of the Year award winners SERV Norfolk in 2016. PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Team of the Year award winners SERV Norfolk in 2016. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Hard working teams can miss out on the full recognition that they deserve, especially when its network is so large and it never stops working.

The Stars of Norfolk and Waveney honour a team each year with the category for Team of the Year.

Last year's winners were the SERV Norfolk Blood Bikes, whose team of volunteers venture out day and night to provide hospitals with an emergency transport service for blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, donor breast milk and other urgently required medical items.

They do it night after night come rain, hail or moonshine. It's a life-saving service and it's provided completely free of charge to the NHS.

Since the awards, SERV have been able to continue to grow and support hospitals across the country now with a team of more than 100 volunteers.

Chairman of SERV, Colin Farrington said: 'Since the award we have been able to raise more awareness of our service and have been able to be involved in events such as Run Norwich.

'It was just fantastic to be nominated for the award, we were even more surprised to find out that we had won especially when looking at the other nominees.

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'The night was very nice, and we were able to share it with the team.'

SERV's costs are met in their entirety by donations from members of the public, fundraising events and corporate sponsorship.

Mr Farrington continued: 'I did have a little bit of a pre-warning about the night as one of our members won a previous year, so I had a little idea but it was fantastic.

'Anyone going along to the night should just go along and enjoy it. If you have made it to the final you must have done a lot of work and you should be proud.

'There will be a winner and runners-up but actually everyone who goes on the night is a winner.'

SERV's prize was a donation to help keep the service running.

Nominations can be made at or by emailing

With 13 different categories, who will you nominate?

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