Concerns at pest control van dispersing stunning bird display

A starling murmuration was seen near Hall Road Asda in Norwich and captured by High Ash Farm.

This Starling murmuration was spotted near the Asda store on Hall Road in Norwich - Credit: High Ash Farm

Mystery surrounds who called a pest control van which dispersed a stunning wildlife spectacle. 

Thousands of starlings circled in the sky near Asda on Hall Road in Norwich, creating murmurations.

Footage of the birds was captured on the edge of the city, before being widely circulated on social media.

But concerns have since been expressed over a pest control van reportedly being spotted to disperse the birds. 

Norwich ecologist and nature writer Kate Blincoe said there was a van at the store to disperse the flock on Monday night. 

She added: "It seems a bit ambiguous but we are trying to find out who has authorised pest control as they do not just turn up. 

"Obviously you do get bird mess and it would have been raining down on the car park. It is a general issue but there are more creative ways around it rather than getting pest controllers in.

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"It would have been an incredible real life spectacle while customers were doing their shopping. It would have been quite uplifting and a miracle so that is the sad thing behind what is happening." 

Mrs Blincoe was alerted about the pest control by a resident who lives near the store. 

The county council, city council and Asda have all denied responsibility for the pest control van. 

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said they did have a pest control van in the area at the time, but this was not connected to the starlings.