Staffordshire bull terrier rescued after swimming out to sea off Great Yarmouth

Gorleston Lifeboat

Gorleston Lifeboat - Credit: Archant

A lifeboat crew was called to rescue a dog from the see, after it swam more than 100m beyond the outer harbour.

Yesterday morning, a Staffordshire bull terrier was playing fetch on the sand near the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and had ran into the sea after its ball.

However, as the ball was carried further out of the harbour, the dog continued in its dispute.

Realising the Staffie had swam too far out to safely recover it themselves, they then alerted the coastguard.

Volunteers from Gorleston Lifeboat were dispatched and eventually found the dog around 200m east of the outer harbour.

Andy Mason, the boat's helmsman, said: 'We initially feared the worst, as the owner pointed us in the direction it had gone and we found the ball first.

'However, soon after we found the dog, and it was still swimming away. Luckily it was a very strong swimmer indeed.'

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