Youngster fulfils dream of playing football with James Maddison with ‘magic leg’ before losing cancer fight

James Maddison carries Sophie Taylor on Saturday, April 7. Photo: Jasonpix/NCFC

James Maddison carries Sophie Taylor on Saturday, April 7. Photo: Jasonpix/NCFC - Credit: Jasonpix/NCFC

The family of a little girl who died of cancer earlier this year have posted a touching video of a special moment between the youngster and a former Norwich City player.

Sophie Taylor, from Sprowston, died in January, a year after she was first diagnosed with bone cancer.

Her story captured the hearts of thousands, including former Norwich City star James Maddison, who she developed a close friendship with.

On the Super Strong Sophie Facebook page, the five-year-old's parents posted a video of Sophie playing football with Maddison just after she had her new prosthetic leg - which the family dubbed her 'magic leg' - fitted.

In the post, they said: 'It is two months since I passed away. Before mummy and daddy knew I still had cancer in my lungs they had been planning how I was going to fulfil my wishlist in 2019.

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'As you will know one of my wishes was to go to Disney Florida and see the grey castle but five days before I was due to fly there I was told the cancer was still in my lungs and beyond treatment.

'I never fulfilled this wish but I did complete one of my wishes.

'Ever since I knew I was getting my magic leg I always said 'I want to play football with my magic leg with my best friend James Maddison'.

'When mummy and daddy knew things were bad my family and close friends didn't hesitate to come and see me.

'@Madders knew I was in a bad way and he didn't hesitate to come and see me either. He made sure I got to play football with him one last time and I managed one kick with my magic leg with him.'

The family said Sophie had the magic leg fitted on December 27, and the last time she wore it was on January 9, when she received the visit from the footballer.

'Knowing I got to live out this wish, if only for a moment, gave me so much joy,' the post said. 'Mummy and daddy were so pleased for me and it gives them a lot of peace knowing I did this.

'They will also see that my other wishes are fulfilled one way or another.'

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