Plea to find owner as rescued dog faces leg amputation

Investigations are underway to find out more about Ella the springer spaniel found in Hindolveston

Ella, the six year old springer spaniel, is recovering after being found in Hindolveston. - Credit: North Norfolk District Council

A six year old dog may have to have its leg amputated after being found with mange, mites and a leg injury.

Springer spaniel Ella was found in Hindolveston, in north Norfolk, by a member of the public.

She was brought into the care of the dog warden over the bank holiday weekend.

A North Norfolk District Council spokesman said: "The dog has a bad case of mange. This is a mite infection that’s not been treated.

"The dog also has a very bad leg, and it looks like something may have been tied to it for an extended time cutting off the blood supply, however there was nothing tied to the leg when found.

"She is recovering well, but will probably need the leg amputated."

The spokesman said a live investigation is ongoing and the team welcomed information on the dog's owner or about her condition.