Springer spaniel needs 30 stitches after dog attack near children’s play area in Beccles

A much-loved dog had to have 30 stitches on Saturday after being attacked by another dog near a children's play area in Beccles.

The springer spaniel was outside the play area near St Annes Road when the other dog jumped through a hedge to attack her, leaving her severely injured and in need of extensive surgery.

Yesterday, dedicated owner Brian Keable, of St Georges Road, spoke of the traumatic moment that he saw his trusty dog Misty attacked.

Mr Keable, 75, said: 'It went straight through the hedge and bowled her over. She did not fight back, she just rolled over on her back, and was screaming and screaming.

'All her skin was hanging torn and she was bleeding profusely, so my concern was to get her to the vets.'

Mr Keable had been walking his 12-year-old dog, which has arthritis, along the path at around 3.30pm, when he saw the other dog, which he described as black and possibly a Staffordshire type, inside the play area.

He said he often walks Misty with children of friends of the family, and feared it could have been even worse.

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Mr Keable, a former naval engineer, said: 'Several boys and girls take Misty to Darby Road park to play and families there always make a fuss of her, so had they been with me or in that situation, it does not bear thinking about what could have happened.' Since surgery, Misty has slept most of the time and is on antibiotics. Mr Keable, who first chose Misty when his late wife was very ill, has even slept on the sofa to stop her licking her wounds.

His wife Doreen said: 'She's been really traumatised and whenever anyone comes in she is straight under the table.'

The couple have 14 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter between them and Mrs Keable, 75, added that Misty is a key part of the family.

'Ever since it happened I've felt sick. She has come everywhere with us, she's been all over the world,' she said.

Angela Fleming, director of Wherry Veterinary Practice, in Bungay, said these types of attacks have become more common in the past five years.

She said: 'We see at least twice a month where there are serious injuries involved.

'Fortunately, there have not been serious injuries involving a child or adult, but some dogs do have to be put down.'

Suffolk police are looking into the matter as the dog was off the lead in a children's play area. Officers are keen to talk to the owner and anyone with any information should call PC Stirling Parsk on 101.

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